Friday, June 1, 2012

Cover design by Mark Eimer

It's funny that even in this age of e-pub, a book doesn't seem real until you can see a cover. The cover design for Build a Brand Like Trader Joe's was created by Mark Eimer. I love the way he's greyed-out my name, and blurred most of the photo, leaving only my ear and eyeglasses really sharp. It creates the impression that I was a low-key presence in the store, all eyes and ears.

Eimer's treatment of the word 'like' also captures the message of the book. Small and greyed-out, but set off by the row of stars, it's at once subtle and highlighted. By using a script font, he reinforces the 'personal' nature of cultural brands. As Lee Clow says (see the post below this one) the goal is to a brand the customer likes to spend time with. If anything, Trader Joe's goes further; its customers 'like' Trader Joe's in the same way they like their friends.

Build a Brand Like Trader Joe's will be live on the Amazon Kindle site soon.

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