Thursday, January 10, 2013

News Flash: Trader Joe's has an official Twitter account

The Mayans may have been wrong about the end of the world, but something almost as earthshaking did happen just a week after the solstice. Trader Joe's launched an official Twitter feed. After years of being cited as an example of brands that flourished while ignoring social media (as well as just about any other kind of advertising or PR), TraderJoesUSA started tweeting. If it's not an official Trader Joe's feed, it's got me fooled.

Will Trader Joe's actually start communicating (more than trite recipes on the web site and too-clever-by-half soliloquies in the Fearless Flyer)? So far, it's only issued 27 tweets, and they all seem pretty innocuous, so it's too early to get excited.

It's not, however, too early to follow them. To do so, go here.

UPDATE -- It's not an official site. Sorry.


  1. This is me, being embarrassed. The feed added the word 'fans' last week. Probably, after whoever started it was contacted by Trader Joe's lawyers. It's a hoax feed.

  2. Still amazed they don't have a Twitter. I was trying to ask them if they were coming to OK, but also found this hoax account.

  3. You know I'd love to see TJ's keep tweeters in the loop? @FearlessFlyer. Or some variation, like @tjsfearlessflyer or @thefearlessflyer. Then keep the style & voice identical to the irl Flyer.

  4. :-O not their official :-O