This is not the official Trader Joe's web site. The official company site, if you're looking for it, is here. (Note that www.traderjoes.com has a 1,300-word 'Terms of Use' page which Trader Joe's unilaterally claims apply to you, if you even look at its web site. I'm not sure how you'd even find those restrictions on use without first seeing most of the rest of the site, but there you are.)

Trader Joe's is (I assume) a registered trademark. Not mine.

Warning: Canadians, as you know, are famously polite people. Paradoxically, we also have real potty mouths. So there are 14 instances of the words 'fuck' or 'shit' in this book. What can I tell you? I write in my own voice. If you don't like it, you can... just kidding.

But seriously, if it offends you that 0.05% of the words in this book are expletives, you'd better not buy it. And you'd for sure better never engage me in conversation. Shit, my mother swears more than that.