Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Give the TJ's brand credit where it's due: Vote on!

Advertising Age is running a contest to determine the best summer marketing read. Give Trader Joe's brand credit where it's due, but going here, and voting for "Build a Brand Like Trader Joe's".

I'll be honest with you; Ad Age doesn't make voting that easy (unless you're already a registered site user, you'll have to register.) But, if you choose to register by linking to your Facebook page it's a little easier, and Ad Age is not a FB abuser -- they won't, for example, insist on posting on your behalf. 

Please vote! Hey, it's Build a Brand Like Trader Joe's, it's not like you're casting a ballot for Anthony Weiner.

1 comment:

  1. Trader Joe's is gonna get it's butt kicked with PR fallout from this Obamacare fiasco. Their corporate greed is showing when they push out their parttime employees to the wolves. No more happy checkouts! They also have threatened their employees into silence about the insurance debacle-Employees are not even allowed to discuss their insurance situation with each other. It's gonna be ugly when that cork pops!